Year 4

Information for Year 4 Parents and Carers


The Team

Class teachers: Mrs Chappenden, Mr Grant and Miss Redman

Support staff: Mrs Herron, Miss Harvey and Mr Rugg



Our theme this term is a science theme: ‘All Creatures Great and Small’.  To begin with, in our science lessons, we will be grouping a range of living things and using and creating classification keys to identify different creatures.  We will then collect data about the flora and fauna in our local environment and compare this with areas at the southern and northern tips of Britain.  We will then move on to studying a range of food chains, including those involving humans; human impact and other threats to the natural world and how humans can care for the environment.  Finally, we will study human digestion and teeth.  Alongside this, we will be creating various pieces of animal-inspired art.  We will look at the semi-abstract work of the artist Paul Klee, create detailed sketches of animals and, in design and technology, produce large scale sculptures of friendly or fierce classroom guardians.  (With this in mind, we would welcome donations of cardboard and plastic ‘junk’ after half term!)


Our theme for the spring term will be ‘Ancient and Modern’, a combined history/geography theme where we will study modern and ancient Greece.


In the summer term, the Romans will provide a focus for our studies.



In English this term, we will be using picture books and other quality texts linked to our theme to initiate our discussions including ‘The Cat and the Bird’, a children’s book inspired by Paul Klee; ‘Tuesday’, a wordless picture book by David Wiesner; and the novel ‘How to train your dragon’ by Cressida Cowell.  The children will continue to consolidate grammar, spelling and punctuation work and study a range of techniques used in different types of writing such as stories, instructions, descriptions and news articles.


We are encouraging the children to read a wide variety of quality, age appropriate books in a sustained way both in school and at home and would welcome your support in encouraging this. The children have been given a reading record to log their reading.


Spellings will be sent home in a three-weekly cycle on Tuesday, ready for spelling work/spelling test in class on Friday of the same week.



Throughout the year, we will be following the content of the 2014 National Curriculum. Our work in maths this term will include using mental and written strategies for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division; understanding place value in whole numbers with up to four digits and decimals; equivalent fractions, fractions of amounts and simplifying fractions; time and converting units of measurement.  The children will also be solving a range of mathematical problems.  The children will also be given times tables sheets to practise at home.


Other Subjects

In computing we will be following the Rising Stars Switched On IT scheme of work.  This term we are using the online program ‘Scratch’ to create an educational computer game and, after half term, design and make an on-screen prototype of a computer-controlled toy.  In RE, we will be studying the religions of Buddhism and Christianity and in music we will be using the units from Music Express on poetry, communication, the environment and singing Spanish to guide our studies.


PE and games for Year 4 this year will be taught by the PE team.  4DC will generally have games on Tuesday and PE on Friday and 4JG and 4LR will have games on Monday and PE on Tuesday.  Due to a timetabling constraint, 4DC and 4JG will swap their games sessions every third week.  We will warn the children in advance when this is due to occur.  PE and games are a statutory requirement as part of the curriculum so please encourage your child to remember their PE kit on these days, including jogging bottoms for outside (a uniform list is available from the school office).  All kit should be labelled and for these sessions, long hair should be tied up and earrings removed or taped.


School Uniform

A full list of uniform requirements is available from the school office.  We would appreciate it if all uniform is labelled and would remind you that socks and outdoor coats should be grey or navy; no jewellery (except small studs), nail varnish, wrist bands or large head bands should be worn; and book bags should be adorned with no more than two key rings.  Children should not bring ruck sacks into school as there isn’t sufficient space in the cloakrooms.


Lunches and snacks

At Bourton Meadow we have a healthy lunch policy.  Water bottles brought into school should be labelled with your child’s name and contain only water, not juice or squash.  Break-time snacks should also be a healthy option, ideally fruit-based but not chocolate-based or packets of crisps/snacks.


Helping at home

You can support your child’s learning at home by encouraging daily reading and talking with them about what they are reading; supporting them with spelling and times tables homework and encouraging them to use the new online homework portal for English and maths.


Important Dates

Trip to Whipsnade Zoo – Thursday 19th October

School photos – 2nd and 3rd November

Class assemblies:

4DC – Friday 1st December

4JG – Friday 26th January

4LR -  Friday 9th February



Important information is communicated via the weekly School Bulletin, Parentmail and the noticeboard outside the Year 4 classrooms.  As always, if you wish to speak to your child’s teacher please catch us at the beginning or end of the day for quick messages or make an appointment through the school office.  We can also be contacted by email at  

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