Disabled access to the Academy


Bourton Meadow is committed to inclusive mainstream education and equal opportunities for all.  Since September 2002 the Disability Discrimination Act laid a new duty on schools to plan to improve accessibility over time.  In particular we must plan for:

  • Increasing access for disabled pupils to the Academy curriculum. This covers teaching and learning and the wider curriculum of the Academy such as participation in after-school clubs, leisure and cultural activities or Academy visits.
  • Improving access to the physical environment of schools.  This covers improvements to the physical environment of the Academy and physical aids to access education.
  • Improving the delivery of written information to disabled pupils. This will include planning to make written information that is normally provided by the Academy to its pupils available to disabled pupils.  Examples might include handouts, timetables, textbooks and information about Academy events.  The information should take account of pupils’ disabilities and pupils’ and parents’ preferred formats and be made available within a reasonable time frame

The premises committee has undertaken a review of the access issues of the Academy and a full committee discussed the needs for an accessibility plan.  Reasonable changes for the increased accessibility of current and planned future pupils will be prioritised.


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